Stoessi's Heroes Pre-view: Major Harry Carlyle and Lt. Col. John Frost

If my readership hasn't noticed it yet, I am a huge fan of old WW2 movies. ;)
One of the funniest scenes from one of my favorite films is this one here:

[an SS officer is approaching under a white flag]
Major Harry Carlyle: Rather interesting development, sir.
[to the German]
Major Harry Carlyle: That's far enough! We can hear you from there!
SS Panzer Officer: My general says there is no point in continuing this fighting! He wishes to discuss terms of a surrender!
Major Harry Carlyle: Shall I answer him, sir?
Lt. Col. John Frost: Tell him to go to hell.
Major Harry Carlyle: We haven't the proper facilities to take you all prisoner! Sorry!
SS Panzer Officer: [confused] What?
Major Harry Carlyle: We'd like to, but we can't accept your surrender! Was there anything else?
[German officer walks off]
Lt. Col. John Frost: Well, that's that.

I can't help, but start laughing every time I watch it... :)

So, inspired by this little scene, we are proud to announce the next two miniatures from Stoessi's Heroes - Harry & John:

More views:

I certainly love them. Let me know what you think.

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