Painting Workshop Review - Pirates, Ham & BBQ with Fernando Ruiz

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending my second painting workshop with Fernando Ruiz. Fernando is not only a fantastic painter, but he runs his own miniature company FeR Miniatures which produces some of the coolest busts and miniatures that I have seen on the market. If you have not seen his range yet, you should take a look.
Fernando doing one of his demonstrations

Fernando's painting technique is a little different from most painters that I know and it is very, very cool. Of course, he uses glazes and washes and stuff like that, but there are two main aspects where his approach is different:

1) He uses acrylic retarder from the brand "Amsterdam"
2) He teaches you to start with a rough sketch on any given part of the miniature (i.e., the face) instead of going straight into smooth and detailed work on highlights and shadows.

Both aspects are really cool and useful tools which have helped me to produce really good results in a very short time. I don't want to go into more details here, but I can only strongly recommend to attend one of his workshops if you get the chance - especially if you are already an experienced painter.

So, besides the painting bit, what else was cool during that weekend?

Vlado, Fernando and Jens. There was a lot of love in the air, trust me. :)
Oh, almost forgot to share pictures of some of the workshop results:

From left to right the WIPs from Philip, mine, Peter
Lastly, I would like to thank Vlado once again for organizing this and keeping us all well fed and happy!

Alright, so this is it for now. If you have any questions about the workshop, put them in the comments section below.

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