The biggest brother ready for Duke of Bavaria

While I haven't posted for a while, that doesn't mean that I haven't been painting. In fact, I have finished a few paintjobs and today is the big cleaning day:

Even before I put my airbrush into the bath, tons of paint residue came out - especially my needle canal looked pretty bad. I guess I should clean my airbrush more than once every few months.
Anyway, while my pistol is now buzzing in its bath, I took the time to take pictures from the past paintjobs that I completed. I'll share all of them over the next weeks, but I can't yet share all of them as there are already some supercool (but still secret!) miniature releases coming up from Heer46.

I am pretty much done with the big bust of Dick Winters, that wonderful US Airborne bust from Nutsplanet. Beautiful model and really fun to paint. I am going to take this guy with me to the Duke of Bavaria show coming up in two weeks. I am pretty excited as this will be the first time that I try my luck in the Master Painting category. 

Until then, the big brother is watching of his small band of brothers in the cabinet. :)

More pictures of the bust soon. 

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