Banshee's painting workshop in Pfungstadt, Germany - What a blast!

I had the honor of hosting a painting workshop with the talented and famous Alfonso Giraldes aka Banshee at my place. Man, what a blast that was: Tons of really good input on colors and color theory, a great group of people and last but not least a big motivational push just by hanging out with guys that are really enthusiastic about our hobby.

People getting ready for the big painting class with Alfonso...

We had no idea how hard we'd get hit with new insights into colors and how they work

Beautiful Boudica bust from Origen Art. Lucky did such a nice paintjob on it!

Uli's highlander bust which he used to practice and copy Kyrill's version. Looking very good so far. Will be awesome once it is done.

More goodness from Uli's WIPs

Lucky's works

A first glimpse of working with colors. Important points to remember: The palette must be big. You can lighten/shade any color with any other color. 

Lucky and Jan preparing for one of the many exercises that Alfonso gave us

The Maestro himself. :)

Matthias aka DerSkuggan

People being very focused and listening to Alfonso...

Well, maybe not everyone is so focused. ;)

Hansrainer and Fabian busy with their busts.

Jan and Chris from Hamburg 

Mix them, David, mix them!

Uli and Juppi so far in "the zone" that they are oblivious of their surroundings..

Lucky and Sebastian


And the whole mad painters bunch together.

Thanks again to all of you guys as you made it a great experience which I will gladly remember for a long time.

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