Sonntag, 27. November 2016

Lots of updates and new stuff (Crisis, new logo, new miniatures, new resellers and lot of other things)

Right, let's see. The last update on my blog happened about 4 weeks ago and it's not like nothing happened in the meantime. If you follow my page on Facebook, you have already seen a lot of what has happened in the past month. 

I don't want to discriminate the non-Facebook internet users, so let's take a look at the past few weeks in summary

In case you are wondering why it took me so long to finally post all the following updates on my blog... multiples attacks of the man-flu kept me from doing much:

Let's go!

1) Beginning of November I was at Crisis in Antwerp and it was my first time running a booth (co-running together with Elmar from Elladan - Check out his cool GoT-style miniatures and his fantastic tutorial on creating fur terrain) at a trade show. Really good experience which definitely made me looking forward to the next opportunity.

Had lots of fun, met some cool new people and talked to a few more people about reselling Stoessi's Heroes outside of Germany, which leads me directly to 

2) New resellers. :) 

I met Stuart from Great Escape Games in Antwerp and I am really excited that he now carries all of the heroes from my current rang for sale in the UK. Go, check out his store which is really pretty much a candy store if you are into WW2 and Pulp tabletop miniatures and games.

I also met one of the coolest ladies in our hobby: Annie, the Dice Bag Lady. I can only urge you to check out her store and also her Kickstarter that is running for a few more hours. 
Annie is all about believable female hero miniatures and I LOVE the female Russian WW2 range that she has in her store. Naturally, my Lyudmilla became a nice addition to Annie's store. :)

The next new online store that is carrying Stoessi's Heroes is Kings Hobbies and Games and Tim, who is running the show is also a real machine when it comes to 3D printing tanks, vehicles and artillery or even whole Normandy-style houses (they are soo on my wish-list!!).
Tim is also currently running a Kickstarter for modern warfare miniatures: Benghazi Contractors! 

That is a lot of information, you say? That is nothing! I have more for you:

3) The Stoessi's Heroes logos, etc. don't look anymore like a drunk German did them on a free Saturday afternoon all by himself and all by watching Photoshop tutorials. That's right! I have new, shiny logos and you can expect cool Stoessi's Heroes buttons, badges and bottle-openers soon. :)

Oh, and you can finally reach Stoessi's Heroes via 

Crazy... I know!

4) I've been on TV... on Tabletop-Basement TV to be more specific:

If you are a German-speaker (sorry, German only), grab a drink and some chips and watch the interview with me. :)

Another interview and a Bolt Action battle report with me will soon also be published from the Tabletop Gorillas in Germany. These dudes are seriously cool and funny. Again, if you understand German, check out their site.


Well, I didn't get to paint too much as I had waaaay too much other stuff to do  and also because this nasty, ever-lasting cold wouldn't let me go, but at least I made a little bit of progress on Lyudmilla and Harold:

Note that on Harold I am also trying a new technique (at least new for me). Part of the painting was done without a wet palette and with an empty painkiller blister as you can see below. I will provide a detailed step-by-step and also share my thoughts on this kind of painting where I am diluting colors a lot less and where I am essentially trying to do more wet-blending on the miniature. Fun stuff, but still needs a lot more practice! 

6) Last, but not least and actually the most exciting part: NEW MINIATURES 

I have a ton of new miniatures in the pipeline. YAY!
So you've already seen the pre-views for Lt. Col. John Frost and Major Carlyle, right?
What if I told you that there are another 8 new heroes in the pipeline? I don't want to spoil too much already, but here are a few hints of what is coming:

* A British Paratrooper that brought a very special friend with him to Market Garden
* One US Airborne who led them all the way to Hitler's home
* Another US Airborne who led the most epic charge on Carentan
* A German Panzer Ace that inspired the character of Oddball
* A Japanese Officer that held out longer than everyone else
* A remarkable British gentlemen from the North-African theatre
* And a deadly and determined woman that gave the Germans a lot of grief

Feel free to put your guesses in the comments section! Let's see who comes up with the right names.

So, long post with lots of info and if you have made it so far, I have one more piece of eye candy for you. This was my display at Scale Model Challenge in the category "Historical Master" (yes, choosing this category that was a bit too confident). Didn't win anything, but it still looked pretty cool. 


Donnerstag, 27. Oktober 2016

Stoessi's Heroes Pre-view: Major Harry Carlyle and Lt. Col. John Frost

If my readership hasn't noticed it yet, I am a huge fan of old WW2 movies. ;)
One of the funniest scenes from one of my favorite films is this one here:

[an SS officer is approaching under a white flag]
Major Harry Carlyle: Rather interesting development, sir.
[to the German]
Major Harry Carlyle: That's far enough! We can hear you from there!
SS Panzer Officer: My general says there is no point in continuing this fighting! He wishes to discuss terms of a surrender!
Major Harry Carlyle: Shall I answer him, sir?
Lt. Col. John Frost: Tell him to go to hell.
Major Harry Carlyle: We haven't the proper facilities to take you all prisoner! Sorry!
SS Panzer Officer: [confused] What?
Major Harry Carlyle: We'd like to, but we can't accept your surrender! Was there anything else?
[German officer walks off]
Lt. Col. John Frost: Well, that's that.

I can't help, but start laughing every time I watch it... :)

So, inspired by this little scene, we are proud to announce the next two miniatures from Stoessi's Heroes - Harry & John:

More views:

I certainly love them. Let me know what you think.

Dienstag, 4. Oktober 2016

Stoessi's US Airborne army @ Scale Model Challenge

This was my entry for the "Armies on display" competition at Scale Model Challenge. Finished the display board really last minute and had less then a week to get from zero to done.Really happy that I took a bronze medal home for my little army.

One more interesting fact of my trip to Eindhoven was this:

Yes, this is my car... on the hotel parking lot... 
The worst part was that I still hadn't finished my display board for the army and getting new wheels sorted and talking to the police, etc. really took away precious time to finish my contest entry. In the end, I did finish it, I got new wheels for my car and I even won a bronze medal with my army, so overall a memorable weekend!

Montag, 26. September 2016

Step-by-step.... painting US Officer Drumpf

While I was on holiday in Italy with my wife, there were a few days of rain and that meant using the brushes and colors that I had brought along. :)

Donny Drumpf was chosen as the next target and off we go:

I started off with the Khaki-Yellowish uniform with the following colors: MC887 Brown Violet, MC 873 US Field Drab, MC882 Middlestone and MC847 Dark Sand (from darkest color to the lightest). The base color was a mix of Middlestone and Field Drab. On the trousers I went generally a bit darker with Brown Violet and the uniform shirt generally more yellow-ish and lighter.

The base color was a mix of Middlestone and Field Drab. On the trousers I went generally a bit darker with Brown Violet and the uniform shirt generally more yellow-ish and lighter.

The following pictures show pretty nicely and in many steps how I build up shadows and highlights and how I use different color tones to make sure that the mid-tones don't disappear and also to make sure that the mid-tone is actually not just one tone, but many different ones to make it look more interesting.

For the leather jacket, I used MC941 Burnt Umber for the base. As you can see from the pictures, the color is heavily thinned down and doesn't really cover with one or two layers. 

Just by playing around and placing a second or third layer only in some places and not everywhere, you can already achieve transitions of light and shadow. 

Added Game Color Blue Ink to the mix to start building out shadows.

MC847 Dark Sand is added to the base color to create highlights. Also painted the helmet using MC 887 Brown Violet, adding black for the shadows and Dark Sand for the lights.

For the belt I used various grey, brown and light colors that happened to be on my palette after working with the colors from the previous steps. I do this a lot by the way: Not necessarily always looking for a new color in a bottle, but first looking at my palette to see if I can use something right there as a light or shadow color. The reason I do this? Because I am lazy and don't want to shake and open another bottle of paint. ;)

For the boots, I used MC846 Mahagony Brown for the base, added black for shadows, MC847 Dark Sand for highlights and glazed a bit with good old Games Workshop Chestnut Ink. 

Now, the face... Two thin layers of MC846 Mahagony Brown. Followed by adding MC847 Dark Sand for lights and MC822 German Camo Black Brown for shadows. For some of the final light dots and lines, I added pure white to the mix. As Mr. Drumpf is always a bit red-headed with strangely pale looking areas right around his eyes, I tried to achieve a similar look by glazing in pure MC947 Red everywhere except around his eyes.  

Lastly, and that brings me to the final pics as well, I painted his funniest trademark... his hair. 

The base color is MC981 Orange Brown mixed with a bit of MC846 Mahagony Brown (as usual pretty thinned down and not covering with a layer or two). For the shadows I added more Mahagony Brown and for the lights Dark Sand. As some of Mr. Drump's hair is grey, I also mixed myself some random light grey tone and painted the hair frame around his face with that. Did a couple of passes painting shadows and lights, followed by glazing in the base color again and finishing off with a glaze of Game Color Yellow Ink.

There you go. I hope he's not going to build a wall between himself and the other heroes in my cabinet. :)